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Attendance and Absences

Attendance at Trinity Primary Academy

As a school we are trying to encourage all of the children to come to school every day. There are a lot of incentives for the children to be in. These include; individual prizes, a class pet for the week, a trip for their class (if the class gets 100% attendance). The school also has a Walking Bus to collect the children along the route so that if parents and carers cannot bring the child to school based on illness.

At Trinity the teacher’s make sure that the children are well looked after. So if your child is feeling poorly you should still send them to school and the teacher will send them home if they feel this is necessary. In general, children start to feel better by break time when they have been sent in.

It is important that the children come to school as we do not wish for them to miss out on anything. Every day we teach the children new skills and knowledge and it is important they are in school so they don’t get left behind.

As a school we are aiming for 96.5% for the year.

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