Staff list Trinity Primary Academy 2015 – 2016


Executive Principal – David Worrall (Trinity and Noel Park)

Principal – David Atter

Vice Principal – Melissa Martinez (Literacy and Humanities)

Assistant Vice Principals – Gina Loizou – Bradford and Robert Donnelly


Phase Leaders:

EYFS and Year 1 – Gina Loizou- Bradford

Year 2 and Year 3 – Robert Donnelly

Year 4 and Year 5 – Tanica Witter

Year 6 – Antonella Eridano



Nursery – Eleanor Powell

Reception Blue – Hanan Agmin

Reception Red - Kayleigh Summerbell


Year 1M – Michelle McCaw (Music, Art and D&T)

Year 1I – Farzana Iqbal

Year 2J – Nada Jurenova (Communal learning environments)

Year 2D – Lisa Doggett


Year 3D – Robert Donnelly (Maths)

Year 3K – Sussan Khatir (NQT)

Year 4B – Elizabeth Boden (ICT, STARs travel)

Year 4C – Keelie Church (PE)

Year 5S - Alec Symes (PE)

Year 5W – Tanica Witter (Pupil voice and classroom environments)

Year 6B – Farzana Begum (Maths and Science)

Year 6E – Antonella Eridano (MFL)


Attendance team – Brenda Lynch and Claire Howard