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Safeguarding at Trinity

We have a strong commitment to equal opportunities and we aim to ensure each child gets equal access to the curriculum and resources. Children with additional needs or disabilities are welcomed and we endeavour to support our children to achieve their best. We have partially adapted our building to accommodate children and their families with disabilities to ensure good access for wheelchair users on the ground floor, especially for toilets and events. However, we do not have easy access to to upstairs rooms due to the nature of the building. We have a text service for parents who are hearing impaired and we can employ signers for meetings when necessary. Sometimes we have visually impaired children and we work hard to ensure they are supported with equipment to support their learning.

We avoid stereotyping and encourage each child to develop a positive self-image and respect for others.

We aim to share knowledge and experience of the rich variety of cultures in our school through multi-cultural curriculum and resources.

We have children from all over the world with at least 40 different languages and several different faiths represented in our school. Where possible we try to use interpreters at our family meetings and try to get as many letters as possible translated into some of our community languages. Many of our staff are multi-lingual and they will be happy to interpret in school for our families. 

All adults at our academy recognise the responsibility we have under the Education Act 2002 and we have arrangements in place to safeguard and promote the high level of care for the safety and welfare of our children.

Our Policy on Safeguarding and Child Protection sets out how our governing body discharges its statutory responsibilities relating to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the children at our academy. Our policy applies to all staff, paid or unpaid, working in the academy.The governors, teaching assistants, mid day supervisors, secretaries as well as teachers can often be the first point of disclosure for a child.
Matters of concern, whether they relate to school or home, will always be treated confidentially. Please make early contact with the academy to discuss any concerns.

It is important that the telephone numbers, emergency contact and medical details are kept up to date with the academy office staff.

Our designated safeguarding and child protection officers are David Atter (Principal) and Melissa Martinez (Vice Principal).

Relevant policies