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posted 24 Mar 2016, 02:56 by Ignat Vasilev   [ updated 24 Mar 2016, 02:57 ]
Trips - Spring term 1.

Year 5 went to the Natural History Museum to discover facts about the Shang Dynasty. We spotted many common themes that resonate throughout the work- repeated patterning being the most popular. Subsequently, we drew out own designs using these features! We were fascinated by the facts about China and learnt about the creative and military side of the culture.
On the same trip, we also discovered many facts about the animal kingdom and researched the Jurassic period. We all loved the dinosaur section and discovered the art of archaeology.  

Year 5 went to the V&A Museum and learnt more about the Shang Dynasty. We decided to compare it's various features to that of other cultures. We found out about military dressings and everyday living in China. We also looked at the way that Chinese cities have been made along with the various Dynasties of it's past.

Year 5 went to the British Museum to research the Shang Dynasty and compared it to the Egyptian and African cultures. Once again, the class behaved impeccably and asked multiple questions about the period of history. We learnt how the Dynasty was formed and how they used to fight in battle.